Recovery is Everything

Gartner, a renown global technology research and analysis firm indicates that business data is growing at a rate of 40 percent to 60 percent each year. Therefore, It’s prudent for every enterprise to protect its data through backups. However, data backup fails to meet its intended objective if the backed up data cannot be recovered at the hour of need. This calls for a well thought-out strategy to safeguard the business against disasters that may pose a threat to the existence of an organization. Indeed, our establishment was purely based on the resolve to guarantee business continuity through provision of secure, reliable and efficient backup as well as data recovery solutions to medium and large enterprises in East Africa. Thus, prevent loss of data and ensure quick recovery in the event of a disaster. We are here to give you a safe haven for your business data.

Deployment Use Cases

  • Local and Offsite BDR
  • Branch Office BDR
  • Hosted BDR
  • Physical Image BDR
  • Virtual Machine Image BDR
  • Cloud-To-Cloud BDR
  • Backup Server Replication


Why Us?

Reasons to choose RikkenCloud:

  • Agentless Technology
  • Secure and Compliant
  • Reliable
  • Resource Efficient 
  • Automated
  • Comprehensive
  • Dedicated Customer Service



Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Basic Backup Questions
  • Common Concerns
  • Choosing a Cloud Backup Service
  • Using RikkenCloud


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